Are you a devoted Uptown resident living in University Heights, Clifton, Corryville, Clifton Heights, CUF, Avondale, or Mt. Auburn? Now is your chance to make an impact on our great community! The City of Cincinnati is beginning to think about the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget. The discussion for what is to come for Cincinnati’s neighborhoods has already begun, but they want your help!

Every two years, each neighborhood council can submit up to three projects that they would like to be included in the budget. A large part of the projects come from community members. In order to be completely inclusive of all ideas, the city recently launched their “New Project Suggestion Page”.

On this page, the residents can now share their voice and ideas for the neighborhood they reside in, from home. If you have a great idea that you believe deserves to be in the budget, submit it in the link at the bottom of this article! Whether your suggestion is large or small, the City of Cincinnati will be considering all requests. It is the perfect tool to connect citizens to the city officials making the important decisions in our neighborhoods.

This tool operates as an online form that gives you space to share your contact information, project neighborhood and brief description of your project suggestion. Until now, citizens would have had to attend a neighborhood council or public budget meeting to be heard for the City’s budget. Due to an increase number of concerns about time constraints at meetings, the city decided to implement this form early enough to have your ideas impact the budget. City Spokesman Rocky Merz said, “if you’re getting feedback at the end, sometimes the train has already left the station. So we’re looking for initial ideas, doesn’t have to be completely fleshed out, just any good ideas. We want to hear them.”  Being able to file electronically will create an efficient, streamlined process that will allow for Cincinnati Residents to be heard.

What is your great idea to make our beautiful Uptown even better? Visit this link and tell city officials:

Neighborhood Project Suggestions

Read more about the initiative here!