Join Modern Makers Friday, June 10 for a one-of-a-kind audio-visual experience featuring viDEO sAVant.

viDEO sAVant, a local group of artists that aims to capture the attention of its audiences through the use of sound and sight, makes Live Cinema – a collaborative audio-visual improvisation with music and images responding to each other in real time.

Rather than featuring the traditionally static relationship between screen, film and audience, ViDEO sAVant uses multiple projections that move within a space to engage with the built environment of said performance space.

The group provides an intimate, thought-provoking experience. With an interesting mix of calming and unnerving sounds, they are sure to keep each attendee captivated. Visit to experience the progression through their installment!

The event is hosted by Modern Makers,  a multidisciplinary art collaborative that creates trans-formative arts experiences in the community. The group curates enlivening one of a kind events and currently offers one drawing event and one exhibition event per month. Most of their programming is free to the community. Modern Makers is an empowering term, which encourages others to make, see and learn something new while growing together.