Cincinnati Refined recently penned an informative article about some of the most scrumptious, fun and unique places to visit in Uptown. There is so much going on in the Uptown area that it may seem, for some, an enormous, unconquerable geography to explore. Well, have no fear, because we’re here to help. We insist you peruse some of the kind, and undoubtedly witty, descriptions of the amazing Uptown businesses featured.

Although Uptown is chalk full of many incredible businesses, this assortment of local favorites is a great place to start. If you don’t know a lot about the area and want to venture out of your comfort zone and into the delicious unknown, or even if you’re a seasoned Uptown pro looking for restaurants that have somehow evaded your keen eye for culinary genius, this list should help:

  1. The Brass Tap
  2. Ambar India
  3. Mecklenburg Gardens
  4. French Fry Heavan
  5. Chicago Gyros & Dogs
  6. Adriatico’s
  7. Cilantro Vietnamese Bistro
  8. Gaslight Gourmet Cookies
  9. Harvest Bistro
  10. Ladder 19
  11. Rohs Street Cafe
  12. Meatball Kitchen
  13. Habañero
  14. Gilpin’s
  15. Mr. Sushi
  16. The 86 Coffee Bar & Concert Venue
  17. Conscious Kitchen
  18. Sitwells Coffee House
  19. Fries café

Don’t forget to check out the original article with short descriptions of each business on Cincinnati Refined here!