If you are a long time Cincinnati resident, you likely know that the Calhoun and West McMillan Street Business District has recently gone through some significant changes. With the addition of U-Square at the Loop to the list of Uptown attractions, there is so much to see. As with any new development, there comes more cars and people, but have no fear – there are plenty of places for everyone to enjoy the Uptown area. Take a look at the map below and check out our “parking pro tips” for getting the most out of W. McMillan and Calhoun Street businesses!


  1. U-Square at the Loop Parking Garage West:
    If you are in and out of the garage in under 30 Minutes, it is FREE! Perfect for picking up a meal.
    West Garage Specials:
    – Lunch Special: $1/hour with retailer validation; 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
    – Overnight Rate: $5 Maximum; 5:00 pm – 5:00 am
  2. U-Square at the Loop Parking Garage East:
    Same special as the west garage – make your trip last under 30 minutes and you have a FREE parking pass.
    East Garage Specials:
    – Lunch Special: $1/hour with retailer validation; 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
    – Overnight Rate: $5 Maximum; 3:00 pm – 3:00 am
    – Monthly Rate: $70/month; 24 hour access
  3. Ohio Avenue Surface Lot
    This smaller, surface lot is FREE for patrons of Verizon Wireless, Urban Outfitters and the Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation. Be sure to choose one of the other great parking options on this list if you need to visit another quality Uptown establishment not included here.
  4. Scioto Street Surface Lot
    This is another FREE lot depending on where you need to go. Free parking is allowed for anyone trying to visit a business on the same block to the west of the parking lot with exception to previously mentioned businesses served by the Ohio Avenue Lot on the same block.
  5. W. McMillan Street Surface Lot
    This pay to park lot may not be free, but its central location provides convenience to all who would like to experience the area. Overnight parking allowed.
  6. Calhoun Marketplace Parking Lot
    First 30 minutes here are FREE for patrons of adjacent retailers and University Park Apartment tours! Parking rates below:
  7. UC Calhoun Garage (Located under Calhoun Marketplace Lot)
    All University of Cincinnati Garages have 24-hour access, for those that have an extended stay. (Follow Highlighted link in title for hourly rates)
  8. UC Corry Parking Garage
    Another close UC parking garage that is just a short walk away from W. McMillan and Calhoun Street!
  9. UC CCM Parking Garage
    Only a quarter mile walk from Calhoun and W. McMillan, the College-Conseervatory of Music parking garage is the perfect place to park for a UC event – or if you want to take a nice, leisurely stroll through UC’s beautiful campus on your way to eat or shop!